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the centaurus

mega mall

The Centaurus Mall is an iconic retail, entertainment, and lifestyle destination that stimulates visitors with its vibrant mix of retail and entertainment segments. This is Pakistan's most successful destination for shopping and family entertainment. The combination of the stunning architecture, the size, quality of shopping, leisure, and convenience will drive this mall to a commercial success and revolutionize modern shopping experience.

The Centaurus Mall is a 'must visit' lifestyle destination for all. The mall offers a delightful array of beguiling attractions for every visitor all year around. Be it shopping, entertainment, dining, or fun-filled outings with family or friends, The Centaurus Mall is the place to be.

The Centaurus Mall is ideally located in the heart of Islamabad, which makes it easily accessible from all aspects. This world class Shopping Mall, comparable to any international Mega Mall, is developed on the basis of One Stop Shop concept. The mall serves as the primary shopping destination for the entire twin cities and beyond.

ChenOne (2nd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: Fall / Winter Arrival
Bareeze (1st Floor) - Women Fashion: Fall / Winter Arrival
Alkaram Lifestyle (1st Floor) - Home Furnishing: New Arrival
Alkaram Studio (1st Floor) - Women Fashion: Fall / Winter Arrival
Charles & Keith (Ground Floor) - Women Fashion & Accessories: Winter Arrival
Beech Tree (3rd Floor) - Women Fashion: Fall / Winter Arrival
Stone Age (2nd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: Fall / Winter Arrival
Pedro (1st Floor) - Women Fashion & Accessories: Colourstory Winter Arrival
Nine West (1st Floor)- Women Fashion and Accessories: All flats starting from 2990/-
Warda Prints (2nd Floor) - Women Fashion: Winter Arrival, Upto 50% off on selected Stock
Oxford (2nd Floor)- Men Fashion: Dress shirts 20% off, T-Shirts 25%off
Imperial Jewel Collection(2nd Floor)-Jewelry: 20% off on Silver jewelry
Motifz (3rd Floor) - Women Fashion & Accessories: sale 30% off on selected stock
Aaliyaans (3rd Floor) - Women Fashion: 10 to 15% off on all stock
Zee Dara (3rd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: Sale Upto 50%
Forecast (3rd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: Upto50% off on Summer collection
Braggs Kids (3rd Floor) - Children Fashion: Up to 50% off
Bonanza (2nd Floor)-Unisex fashion: Upto 50% off
Ultra Club (2nd Floor)- Unisex Fashion: Sale Upto 50% on selected stock
Sonia Ali (1st Floor)- Women Fashion: Sales Upto 60% on summer stock
Nike (1st Floor)- Sportswear: 10% Discount on School bags
Radiation (1st Floor)- Unisex Fashion: 30 to 50% off
Attraction (1st Floor)- Women Fashion: Up to 50% on selected items
Anybody (2nd Floor)-Gifts & Crafts: Buy 1 lady bag and get Rs.1000 free shopping voucher, Buy 1 pair of shoes and get Rs.700 free shopping voucher
Hush Puppies (1st Floor) - Footwear: Upto 50% off
Cotton Ginny (1st Floor) - Women Fashion: Sale 25% on All Dresses
Diner’s (1st Floor)- Men Fashion: Enjoy up to 50% sale on selected items
ForestBlu (2nd Floor)- Unisex Fashion: Flat sale of 30% off on all stock
Taana Baana (3rd Floor) - Women Fashion: Upto 50 % OFF on selected stock
Ethnic (2nd Floor) - Women Fashion- Spring Arrivals: 30% to 50% off
Cambridge (2nd Floor) -Unisex and Children fashion : Sale Upto 50% on selected stock
Logo (Ground Floor)-Footwear: Sale Upto 60%
United Colors of Benton (Ground Floor)-Children Fashion:30% to 70% off
So kamal (3rd Floor)-Woman Fashion: Sale 30 to 50% all stock
Ayesha Khurram (3rd Floor)-Woman Fashion: Sale Upto 50%
Cross Stitch(3rd Floor)-Woman Fashion: Sale Upto 50%
Lark & Finch (3rd Floor)- Footwear: Sale 10 to 30%
Dockers (Ground Floor)- Men Fashion: Sale Upto 50% Selected Stock
Change (1st Floor)- Woman Fashion: Sale 25 to 50% on selected Stock
D. Watson (1st Floor) - Optics: 20% to 50% sale on Frames and free Eye testing
Shaheen Optics (Ground Floor)-Optics: Sale Upto 50% and free Eye testing
Alkarm Life Style (1st Floor) - Woman Fashion: Sale Upto 50%
Baby Shop (1st Floor) - Children Fashion : Sale Upto 50 to 70% off on selected stock
Ego (1st Floor) - Woman Fashion: Sale Upto 50%
Insignia (1st Floor) -Footwear : Sale Upto 50% on selected stock
Amir Adnan (1st Floor)-Men Fashion : Buy 2 get 1 free
1st Step (1st Floor) - Women Fashion - Accessories & Leather : Sale Upto 50%
Widyaan (2nd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: 15% off on Casuals
Illusions (1st Floor)- Gifts & Crafts : 2 pair of shoes in Rs.1400 Only
Shoe Mart (2nd Floor) – Footwear: 20% off on Bag and clutches and 50% off on Selected shoes
Levis(Ground Floor) - Men Fashion : Sale Upto 50% on selected stock
Kayseria (2nd Floor) - Woman Fashion: 20% off on Summer Stock
Cute World (3rd Floor)- Children Fashion: 20% off on summer Stock
Greeting Gallery (3rd Floor) - Gifts & Crafts : 10 to 30% off on all Items
Pret9 (3rd Floor) - Woman Fashion : Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on Selected Items
Engine (3rd Floor) - Men Fashion: 30 to 50% off on Selected stock and New Arrivals in stores now
Super Squad (2nd Floor)- Children Fashion : -30% off on Summer Stock
Cougar (2nd Floor) - Unisex Fashion: 50 off on Sweaters and Jackets
Sony World (2nd Floor) -Electronics: Buy 1 camera and get 1 stand and Pouch Free.
Just Chic (Ground Floor) - Unisex and Children fashion: 70% off on selected items.