Burger King 4th Floor

Burger King Every day, more than 11 million guests visit BURGER KING® restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great-tasting, and affordable food. The original HOME OF THE WHOPPER®, our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes, and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.

Chacha Gee 4th Floor

Chacha Gee At Chacha Jee we blend together the finest ingredients into unique recipes. Our delectable and aromatic food is known to bring out the true essence of Desi cuisine.

China Grill 4th Floor

China Grill China Grill is providing the Fast & Fresh Chinese cuisine, so visit here and Say No to Hunger!

Magnum 4th Floor

Magnum We are the Pleasure Seekers and we live our lives to the fullest, indulging in pleasures big and small. We at Magnum Pakistan believe that is what makes life worth living, because we believe a day without pleasure is a day lost.

N Street Café 4th Floor

N Street Café The biggest Belgian Chocolate House in Pakistan that serves you more than 500 milk, dark and white chocolate creations. We exist for the love of Chocolate.

Tayto 4th Floor

tayto With the promise that from the first bite till the last you will be in an awe! This magnanimous burger range sesame seed bun is an experience to remember. The juicy patty, all wrapped with original dressings will make you fall in love instantly with Tayto.
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Doner Kabab 4th Floor

Doner Kabab Döner Kabab is committed to give a unique culinary experience featuring an array of authentic Turkish Delicacy and Service excellence.
051- 2701409

Dunkin Donuts 4th Floor

Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts is the only multinational food chain in Pakistan which offers the customer an unprecedented variety of eatables that cater to any need at any time of the day!

Fat Burger 4th Floor

Fat Burger The biggest, juiciest hamburgers anyone had ever seen. So obviously, there was only one name for them – Fatburger.Here are just another few things to make you drool over your keyboard: onion rings made from real onions, Hand-scooped, real ice cream shakes, Great tasting chili and fries cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil which are served with a smile and distinctive.
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Fattoush 4th Floor

Fattoush Fattoush is a place where you can get the healthiest and freshest Lebanese cuisine prepared daily from scratch like mama's home cooking. It's a great variety for meat-lovers and vegetarians.

Frutti 5 4th Floor

Frutti 5 Frutti5 is the latest delight in town offering yummylicious frozen yogurt & gelato.

Hardees 4th Floor

Hardees The Hardee’s brand is delivering premium quality, best-in-class menu, premium service and delivery systems, premium facilities, innovative menu offerings and youthful brand image.
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Hot Spot 4th Floor

Hot Spot The Hot Spot is outwardly just an ice cream shop, nestled away in a quiet corner. However upon closer inspection there are far darker and more sinister happenings than just ice cream at The Hot Spot..
051- 2504217

Johnny rockets 4th Floor

Johnny rockets Johnny Rockets serves simple, great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites, including juicy 1/3-pound burgers, crispy American Fries, classic sandwiches and rich, delicious hand-spun shakes. It's the place to go for friendly service, flavorful food, uplifting music and relaxed, casual fun.
051- 8438626

KFC 4th Floor

KFC We strive to redefine our customers’ experience by achieving ever higher standards in quality and customer care in fast food industry.
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Kim Mun 4th Floor

Kim Mun We are delivering a long list of Standard & High Quality Foods of Chinese indulge in Pakistani taste. We have the most experienced Chefs and Management team working in the field for 25 years.

Macdonald 4th Floor

Macdonald As the leading food-service provider, we serve a variety of wholesome options to our customers every day. We are proud of our quality ingredients and famous items like World Famous Fries, the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and a range of delicious gourmet McCafé coffees and beverages.
051- 8444872

Manolo Gelato 4th Floor

Manolo Gelato We plan to provide our customers with an unforgettable sweet experience with gelato that melts their hearts and they can celebrate the joy of “The Manolo Moment”.
051- 8433343

Mr.Cod 4th Floor

Mr.Cod Based out of London, England, Mr. Cod is the world’s most popular Fish & Chips franchise specializing in some truly original and delicious flavors! Mr. Cod has been serving customers complete, freshly prepared, family meals.
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Optp 4th Floor

Optp For the Real Potato Lovers OPTP is here to serve the freshest natural fries with the yummiest toppings, signature hot dogs, chicken wings and burgers.

Pizza Hut 4th Floor

Pizza Hut Pizza hut is like coming up with great-tasting products and exciting promotions because, at Pizza Hut, it ’se always known that you are what’s most important. It knows what you want and has made it faster and easier to get it!

Rendezvous 4th Floor

Rendezvous Welcome to Rendezvous Express, the premier food outlet of the city where you will find out the combination of Desi at heart and Italian with style cuisines, beverages and desserts.

Seva 4th Floor

Seva Seva is a name of Desi menu collection at The Centaurus Mall food court.

Subway 4th Floor

Subway Subway is providing the tools and knowledge to allow its entrepreneurs to successfully compete in the QSR industry worldwide by consistently offering value to consumers through providing great-tasting food that is good for them and made the way they like it.
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Tgi Friday 4th Floor

Tgi Friday TGI Fridays’ décor, music, lights and staff continue to provide a lively, eclectic and engaging atmosphere. To its valuable customers It’s the perfect place for celebrating virtually anything among super-social butterflies.So come in, catch the big game over mocktails, mingle, gossip, connect with friends or make new ones. All while enjoying fantastic food you can’t find anywhere else like our signature Tennessee Grill offering 7ounces of Angus Beef Burger Patty and 12ounces of Angus Beef Steak

Yogen Frozen 4th Floor

Yogen Frozen Yogen Früz provides delicioüs and nütritioüs frozen desserts, jüst what yoü need to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Pizza Cone 4th Floor

pizza cone After great success in Europe, Canada, US and Middle East now introducing in Pakistan. PizzaCone is all about taste, quality and hospitality. Introducing delicious cone shaped pizzas, a new twist to traditional Pizza. Pizza Burger, Fried chicken, Pizzas and much much more. .
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Stone Age 2nd Floor

Stone Age Stoneage is a one-of-its-kind brand as it has recruited the very best denim design talent in the country to lead the way in creating for the discerning masses, thus ensuring quality, exclusivity and accredited style.

Forest Blue 2nd Floor

Forest Blue Forest blue is based on a vision to create latest fashion trends at exceptional value for the fashion conscious consumer.

Gul-Ahmed 2nd Floor

Gul-Ahmed We aim to enrich our customers with unmatched shopping experience and create value forever.

Liesure club 2nd Floor

Liesure club We aim to enrich our customers with unmatched shopping experience and create value forever.

chen one 2nd Floor

chen one We aim to enrich our customers with unmatched shopping experience and create value forever.

B and S 3rd Floor

B & S B&S shop is having the finest collection of Men’s’ formal shirts, bags and accessories.

Engine 3rd Floor

Engine Engine is a specialty apparel and accessories retailer of women’s and men’s merchandise, targeting the 16 to 30 age bracket for their customers.Engine is not about a single point in time but a collection spirit, zealous energy and a belief that one can and will be the best fashion retail brand.

Forecast 3rd Floor

Forecast Forecast is the name of Casual Life Style Western Wear brand catering to boys and girls, men and women having class, taste and ambition to conquer the world. They are offering high-quality, on-trend clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Levis Ground Floor

Levis Levis believes great brands and businesses are built by consistently providing quality products and services, and by earning the trust of all our consumers, employees, communities and investor through responsible business practices.
051- 2701818

Denizen Ground Floor

Denizen Denizen means inhabitant: belonging to a community of family and friends.They offer remarkable value so everyone can look and feel fantastic. And they promise the quality craftsmanship and authentic style that Levi Strauss & Co. is famous for. The Denizen brand is outfitting a new generation of on-the-go families with a modern range of great-fitting Jeanswear for men, women and kids.
051- 2701662

Dockers Ground Floor

Dockers The Dockers Brand embodies the spirit of khaki. They make khakis that do their job so you can do yours. We’re talking good-looking pants in a full range of fits, and the essential goods to go with them.
051- 2701828

Giordano Ground Floor

Giordano Giordano is now one of the world’s leading international retailers of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. To make people feel good and look great is its mission. Giordano has capitalized on its tremendous marketing success and enhanced its product range through signing of most international famous brands in casual wear & young fashion.
051- 2701032

Fiction Ground Floor

Fiction Fiction work is a depiction of sensual designs blended with multi-cultural influences. Using the screen-printing skills and intricate embroideries, they brings to life some modern pieces, with use of traditional embroideries and indigenous materials amidst a rainbow of colors.
051- 2701134

Studio Empoli Ground Floor

Studio Empoli The unique combination of innovative fashion and traditional shoe making makes a Studio Empoli shoe a treat to wear. Studio Empoli represents the rich cultural and artistic legacy of Empoli. Studio Empoli's mission is to soar above the competition with quality leather shoes made out of pure calf leather to keep up the tradition.
051- 2701280

Just Chic Ground Floor

Just Chic It’s a reputed Retail Fashion Company dealing in international fashion brands in The Centaurus - MEGA MALL, Just Chic Offering World Renowned Fashion Brands Under One Roof.It has 100% imported stock from world famous fashion brands.
051- 2701021

International Watch Company Ground Floor

International With a clear focus on technology and development, the Swiss watch manufacturer IWC Schaffhausen has been producing watches of lasting value since 1868. Leading impulses for the mechanical watch come from IWC, the company manufactures these sought-after pieces for its prestigious customers.
051- 2701515

La Societe Ground Floor

La Societe La Societe is Pakistan’s largest independent luxury retail group, specializing in contemporary Men’s and Women’s wear designer fashion, footwear and accessories. We have introduced leading designers of world to Pakistan which includes Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Replay, William Hunt Saville Row and what makes us exceptional is that we only stock current season merchandise.
051- 8444910

Shaheen optics Ground Floor

Shaheen optics Shaheen Optics is a chain of a Pharmacutical company wich deals in Optics (sun shades and frames) with the mission to deal with original product & to keep our costumer happy.
051- 2701101